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SEO Editing

Take full control of your titles and descriptions

Google Result Simulator

See how your store's pages will look in Google search results

Focus / Keyword Suggestions

Write better content with live analysis and suggestions of implementable keywords and phrases

Built-in SEO Scanner

Analyze your store for SEO issues. Get actionable advice on how to resolve these challenges

Image Alt Text Issues Scan

Identify SEO issues with your product images and quickly adjust image Alt text - an SEO ranking factor

Title Templating

Adjust all of your shop's titles at once by using powerful customizable templates

Product 'Unavailable After' Meta

Control when Google should stop listing your product. Great for seasonal items

Redirect on 'Out of Stock'

When an item is out of stock, redirect customers to a similar product

Sitemap Management

For the first time ever, take control of your Shopify store's sitemap. Control when a page is included or removed from your sitemap

SEO Control of Tag Filtered Collections

Never before have you been able to control the SEO meta fields of tag filtered collections for Shopify

Google Search Integration

Connect directly with Google Search for deep insights

Indexing and Following

Control how your store is crawled and indexed by search engines

Advanced Meta Settings

For the first time, get access to advanced meta settings to further control how your store is displayed in search results

Google Page Speed Integration

Google favors fast websites. See how Google judges the speed of your store.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile friendly sites rank higher in search results. The Google mobile friendly test grades your store and makes suggestions on improvements

404 Error Logging and Management

Discover and manage broken links

404 Error Export/Import

Bulk 404 event management using CSV files

Real Time 404 Error Reporting

Comprehensive dashboard of all 404 errors and daily emails

Google Knowledge Graph Support

Provides Google a deeper understanding of your business and social media presence

JSON-LD data support

Advanced structured data about your shop. (Google loves this)

Works with Kit

Easily fix your broken links with a text message when Kit uses SEO Manager

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